Rigging papers

Because of the boring commute / subway riding I have been reading papers/sketches. Here are some of my favorites. I really hope to find some time in the near future to write a few more Maya plug-ins / nodes or improve my old ones.

Spiderman 3 Muscle and Skin Musculoskeletal Skinning
  • Muscle shape: NURBS surface from curves, keep volume
  • Muscle to skin deformer: paintable linear or dual quaternion interpolation, paintable sliding (bulge/shrink along attachment vector)
  • Pose space deformer
  • Jiggle deformer: For muscle shapes, spring based solver/equasion
  • Skin tension: spring based, projected back on mesh (closest point), user defined smooth/average steps
iRobot Character Pipeline Tools and Methods
  • Animation curve re-mapping with NURBS surface
  • Gaussian filtering on animation against motion pops
  • Pose based deformation
  • Custom wrap deformer
  • Animation friendly jiggle node
  • Custom cluster deformer
  • Deform eye geometry to fake eye refraction
Basically all papers by Erick Miller are super-cool, especially if you look at how old some of them are. He uploaded most (or all?) of the demo videos on his YouTube account:

And this is a more educational paper:
The Morphology of Digital Creatures

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