I never made an extra blog post for my prAttractNode. So since I just uploaded an update and also made a better demo video with more useful work examples (Read Vimeo description for explanation), I think it is a good time.

The plug-in is open source (download link in Vimeo description), so the following Maya API parts might be useful to others:
- How/Where to properly initialize a ramp attribute
- How to setup everything in a single .py/.mll file, for easy installation
- (C++) OpenMP usage (Extra blogpost: https://pazrot3d.blogspot.com/2012/01/openmp-and-maya-api.html )

prAttractNode - deformer (custom node) from Parzival Roethlein on Vimeo.


prSelectionUi updates

prSelectionUi - Animation UI (Maya) from Parzival Roethlein on Vimeo.

I recently updated the prSelectionUi quite a bit. The Vimeo video got updated as well, but since there have been new script updates, it does not show all new features. You can find the download link in the Vimeo description.

There is some background information in my old blogpost: