Kool-Aid commercial: Rig breakdown

Kool-Aid commercial: Rig breakdown from Parzival Roethlein on Vimeo.

The complete spots:

The node order of the face, starting with the low resolution geometry:
-> blendShape
 -> skinCluster (for the mouth I put the joints on a curve with motion paths, to tweak the curve cvs without getting intersecting loops, see old post: Joint chain rigging techniques)
 -> bend deformer (To roughly match the body shape. Works for this range of motion, for more range I would recommend using a surface constraint / rivet on the nurbs surface and connect translation to UV values)
[lowres for animators]
 -> smooth (subdivide)
 -> sculpt deformer (project on nurbs surface with the same shape as the glass)
[highres, final shape]

And the highres geometry was used as a mask in compositing.


Adventure Time - A Glitch is a Glitch

Yesterday aired the Adventure Time episode "A Glitch is a Glitch" (AT S5E15 AGIAG).
It was a special 3D episode (usually the show is 2D) and directed by David OReilly.
The rigging was done by Mark Feller and me at Studio Soi in July 2012. My main responsibility were the faces and spines. The faces were made by hand, some parts I could import and adjust after the first one was done. The mouth joints were sliding on a nurbs surface, that had the shape of the face polygons. For the spines I wrote a script (ribbon based. See older post: Joint chain rigging techniques).

This is a clip from the episode: