My CG experience per subject

This graph shows the amount of time I spent on the different subjects and was made for my graduation presentation at Filmakademie. I found it interesting to give myself an overview of how much time I actually spent on each discipline. The measuring unit is "full time months" (20 days, 7 hours each). And it is normalized, so if I have done multiple disciplines at the same time I had to divide the time for each of them. My resume helped me to get a fairly accurate estimation.
But of course my prior programming knowledge (B.Sc.) helped learning scripting and the Maya API faster. And most scripting was done for rigging, so they are connected quite heavily.

I guess recruiters try to extract this information from resumes, but I think it can be difficult. For example listing disciplines / software / programming language, with the number of years they have been used, is not really useful because it does not actually describe the amount of time and the context (hobby, study, job). Except if it can be matched with job descriptions etc...
Also it may be interesting to know how much time someone spent to get to the work done (productivity / efficiency?) in the demoreel and the time spend to achieve the skill level (talent?). To predict costs and growth of the employer?

Maybe I have recently looked at too many company job pages and other peoples resumes, since I am looking for my first real job after graduation. But I don't understand why students rate their own skills with "expert", "intermediate", "beginner". I personally just keep it neutral in my resume/linkedin with these lines:
Primary: Rigging, Scripting
Secondary: R&D, Modeling, Cloth Simulation

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