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Because I uploaded a few open source Maya Plug-ins on CreativeCrash I got some e-mails regarding basic Maya API learning material. So I wanted to write a small summary in this post, mainly to plug the free video webcast with exercises from the Autodesk Developer Center:
Maya (intermediate) (select from in the "Course" menu. There area also other Maya API courses, but I could not do any of them yet) [Updated link: https://www.autodesk.com/developmaya]

But mostly I use:
- Autodesk Maya API Guide and Reference
- Comet Cartoons (Michael Comet) Very practical information when writing code. Especially when using different attribute types for the first time.

 And during my internship at Framestore I had a chance to see the two DVDs, which sadly don't seem to be for sale anymore:
- Writing Creature Deformers (Erick Miller). Introduction to deformers. Also a good starting point when writing your own skinCluster, cluster or partial blendshape node. This DVD was not that useful for me, because I had written a deformers already, so there were only a few small things interesting for me. But if you are starting then this DVD will certainly safe you a few days of learning.
- Introduction to the Maya API (Barbara Balents)

The pdf Skinning in Maya at Industrial Light & Magic (Andrea Maiolo) gives detailed information on how to managa skinCluster data including paintable attributes.

ChadVernon.com is a nice blog as well and there is also a list of resources.

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